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Drywall/ Slabbing

Slabbing/drywall is usually the first job a Plasterer will have to do when he starts the inside of a property. Slabs/drywall can either be screwed or anchored onto stud walls & ceilings or they can be stuck on with adhesive & then levelled using a straight edge & level ,this system is known as dot & dab. The purpose of slabbing/drywall is to provide a backing for the skim coat plaster or tape & jointing. DG Plastering has carried out Slabbing/Drywall jobs all over Cork City & Cork County including Blarney , Mallow , Carrigaline , Midleton , Kinsale ,Glanmire , Ballincollig & Fermoy so as you can see that we do not have an issue with travelling.


Skimming is the most common job for any Plasterer. Skimming is a coat of generally 4mm thick Gyproc skim coat applied to walls & ceilings which is then finished with a steel trowel so that the walls & ceilings are perfectly level & smooth after slabbing, mortaring etc has been carried out. DG Plastering has carried out skimming projects all over Cork City & Cork County.

We have been involved in big projects in Fermoy & Mitchelstown for a few years as well as various skimming projects around Blarney , Carrigaline , Mallow & Ballincollig. Rest assured if you decide to use our service you will be using an unparalleled plastering service with an attention to detail that is second to none.

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Rendering/Smooth finish/Dashing

There are many different types of external finishes in the trade of Plastering. The most common finish around Ireland in our experience & especially in Cork is Smooth finish. Smooth finish consists of three coats of plaster. The first coat is usually called scudding which is a mixture of 2×1 sharp sand & cement mixture applied to wall using a scudding scoop or Harking trowel. This coat is to provide a key or grip for the second coat which is called a scratchcoat.

The scratchcoat is a 3×1 mixture of sand, cement & waterproofer which is applied & levelled over the scud to form a key/grip for the smooth finish coat. Smooth finish is the final coat which is a 4x1x1 mixture of sand, cement & hydraulic lime which is applied & levelled over the scratch coat. It is then floated up using a plastic or timber float followed by a sponge finish to ensure the finish is smooth & consistent.

Other forms of external finishes that we carry out are dry dashing which has the same process as smooth finishing except the final coat has dry dashing stone applied to the wall when wet using a scoop or Harling trowel. We have carried out many dry dashing projects in Carrigtwohill , Carrigaline , Blarney , Mallow & Cork City.

Wet dashing also has the similar process as above except for the third coat. Wet dashing has a mixture of stone, sand, cement & lime which is applied using a scoop or Harling trowel. Wet dashing was extremely popular a few decades ago but is rarely used around Cork nowadays in our experience but we still feel it is one of the most visually pleasing external finishes. We have carried out a number of wet dashing jobs around the Cork City & Blarney area in the past so rest assured you are in the right hands when it comes to wet dashing.